Since most people read everything that appears on their smart phone and respond to it within 5 minutes... Why not let us help you appear in front of them? And give them a way to respond to your offer instantly? See our Wi-Fi Check-in Router! 

We can get your message or advertisement in front of new customers, and tell you exactly when they are thinking about your product or service so you can reach out to them and close the deal. See how we get qualified leads for BMW. Plus we'll help you push out messages designed to develop loyal fans and keep your customers informed using texting keywords.

Geo-targeted Social Media with text back messages and promotions are effective and enables your customers to buy, share, and tell others about your products and services, without the delay, cost or hassle of printing or mailing direct mail pieces. 

Call Totally INSPIRED Media so we can set up a marketing campaign that targets your specific geographic area and customer demographics.  (503) 348-8652

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Geo-Targeted Social Media Marketing