Totally INSPIRED Media now offers a career shadowing, 10 day, intensive mentorship and training, where you get to "Use Our Gear, Start Your Career!"

To be a successful visual story teller you don't need a 4 year degree, just access to the tools and a bit of direction. We've already helped 5 individuals launch successful media startups after working with Todd Gessele and Totally INSPIRED Media. Our 10 day, one-on-one, experience is available by appointment on a project by project base. Our equipment may be used for personal gain and portfolio building exercises based on availability.

The cost is $950 for 10 days of directed learning with access to our gear. That's $95 per day. All gear must be signed out and returned in working order.  Call (503) 348-8652 to learn more and have a gear list emailed to you.

Use our Gear,

Start your Career...