Totally INSPIRED Media Rates

$825 for 4 Hour, 1/2 Day Event Blocks (Minimum)
$1650 Day Rate for field work (8-10 hours)*

$150 Per Hour Post Production Studio Time

*With C-100 Cinema Camera & Lens Package with Wireless Sennheiser Mics for audio & laptop for footage download or Canon 70D. 

INQUIRE about Discounted Rates for Non-profits.

All travel, lodging, food, and production related expenses from the point of origin will be billed at cost. Mileage rate is $.58 per mile. Project hard drives will also be purchased as needed for large projects by Totally INSPIRED Media and billed to the client. Totally INSPIRED Media will keep one of the project drives as an in-house client archive.

All projects, which are tied to specific dates, require a 50 percent non-refundable deposit upon scheduling confirmation. If the project is of significant size, discounts may be extended and the client will be billed for two hard drives as needed to store their footage and back up data. 

Totally INSPIRED Media shall retain the copyright to captured & created media and the right to share & distribute images for promotional and portfolio purposes unless prohibited in writing by the client at the beginning of a project. It is the client's responsibility to obtain in writing all performance, mechanical, and broadcast/publishing rights as appropriate for any provided music, illustrations or intellectual property. Totally INSPIRED Media shall not be responsible for any clients negligence should a lawsuit or dispute over copyright or fair use of works arise.

*Many clients call on us years after we've completed a project, and want to repurpose footage or past projects. We'll do our best to find your footage, but given technology and software advances, it is not always possible to open past projects or older media drives. Just because we archived a project drive for you, doesn't mean we guarantee the data. We have hundreds of customers, so take care of your project drive too. Hardware duplicity is a blessing. For really important footage you may wish to use a cloud storage solution also.


We will talk about expectations and delivery deadlines. Our job is to be as creative and to accomplish as much as possible with the money you have decided to spend. 

If we were to give you a flat rate, (which we won't) and we get into this and you want to expand the scope of what we originally bid on, we'd have to stop and renegotiate the entire project. When we work together, you are in control, and we are your guides. At any point, you can pay for what we’ve done, take your files, and go work with someone else. We don’t think you’ll do that, but you have that option and flexibility. Our project expenses and approved spend down of funding are open for inspection.

Working this way lets us focus on the creative art of telling your story, or producing your event, rather than trying to make or save money by taking short cuts or arguing over time, scope, quality or budget constraints. 

Studio time blocks that are scheduled but not used will be charged at full rates if cancellation isn't made within 24 hours before the scheduled session. So come prepared to work. :)

"How much it costs will depend on how organized you are, what type of project it is, how much travel is involved, and how lucky we get. "

As an estimating guideline for video production, I can tell you that am I pleasing clients for an average range of $200-$1500 per minute of finished product." 

I am willing to work for you and pull in as many experts and specialists as needed to make your vision happen, with whatever extra equipment you specify that is required.

Call Todd Gessele at (503) 348-8652 for a free 30 minute pre-project consult, and then let's get to work! I charge by the hour, in 4 hour blocks, or by a day rate. My rates are affordable and offer you control and flexibility.

Budgeting & Scheduling