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Miracle Stories

Personal testimonies are the most powerful arguments for the supernatural––for a God that loves and preserves us. Totally INSPIRED Media INC is blessed to bring you this line up of stories from real people we've had the opportunity to interview over the years.


Lora Baker, Burn Recovery


2010 Olympic Torch Bearer 

How God showed a helicopter father the importance of Sabbath which led his daughter to be an Olympic witness!


Angel Cowboys 

The Sabbath is important even to Angels!


Seattle Filipino-American Miracles

Prayer changes people for the better!


The Little Church that Could!

How an impossible mission trip became possible!


Mt Ellis Earthquake Miracle

When the ground moves at an Academy, progress is made.


God may have a miracle for you!


Low power singing Angels

A story of how Angels sang on low-power radio station.


Miracle Truck Goes Swimming!


Demon Defeated

Demon possession is real and only the name of Jesus can deliver. While filming this, the demon inside this lady said he was FOUR spirits. Three were cast out, but the 4th wouldn't leave, until her charm was removed by the prayer warriors.


Miracle of Forgiveness

Scotty Barron, former mayor of Nome, Alaska tells how he was abandoned in the Alaska Wilderness by an irresponsible bush pilot.


Ketchikan Miracle Led 6 Native Families to Church

Hear how a dream and miracle prepared Natives in Ketchikan Alaska to receive the gospel!


A "Big Fish" Miracle Story

Kerry Straub, a young Bristol Bay Adventist Fisherman, shows us around his boat. We meet his deckmate, Darby James, and then Captain Kerry tells us his "BIG FISH" faith story of how God provided so he could go back to school at Walla Walla, after a poor fishing season with dismal earnings, which were not even enough to buy a plane ticket back home. One week after arguing with God and turning his life over to God's will, Kerry was holding a $10K check with his name on it! A true miracle. 


"I was Witched"

James Nanka tells how he was delivered!

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