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Real Estate & Drone Footage

We showcase properties and give video tours that sell homes.


This 6.29 acre property was sold at full price!

And it was sold for full price as a "For Sale by Owner" without any real estate broker to assist!


Crater Lake Resort

See Crater Lake Resort in the Winter! Produced by Tim Adams, Commercial Drone Operator at Timato Productions and Todd Gessele of Totally INSPIRED Media INC. Need high-value real estate photography and drone footage? Call 503 348-8652 for a quote.


Oregon City Home

Produced by Todd Gessele (503) 348-8652 and Jared Lehman. Call for a quote. Originally shot on May 6, 2013


Shady Cove, Oregon Property For Sale

22630 Highway 62, Shady Cove, Oregon Property For Sale. Contact Wendy Clark at 541-281-6316 at Coldwell Banker. Produced by Totally INSPIRED Media ( for Coldwell Banker. All rights reserved by the producer, Todd Gessele and Wendy Clark in 2021. Music from Youtube's Audio Library with credits to Aakash Gandhi for "Liquid Time".


Developer's Shovel Ready Gated Subdivision

Drone footage by Timato Productions and editing by Totally INSPIRED Media INC

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