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Music Videos 

Our music videos not only feature individual musicians, and TV show composers laying down soundtracks for "Family Guy", they showcase international choirs on tour.


God's Greatest Gift to Man

Hear an original Christmas song being recorded for the first time!


Family Guy Recording Session

Behind the scenes video filmed by Todd Gessele of as a gift to Clackamas Community College and Sacha Muller. Original Music by Ron Jones, Emmy-nominated composer and Clackamas Community College alumnus. Jones will conduct music students recording music cues from "Family Guy" in the college's Niemeyer Center, 19600 Molalla Ave, in Oregon City, Oregon.


Arise O Man Brotherhood Tour of South Africa 2012

Step into a cathedral in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa for street people.


"Gills and Scales"

Edited for the Perfect Voice


When the Lights Go Out, We Kept Recording the Music

When a freak storm knocked out the power to the concert hall, we kept recording until the power came back on! And what a magic moment it was!


Rehearsal Montage and "Bawo" Concert

See how hard the choir worked behind the scenes as it gets blended with their live performance.


"How Long Will They Wait"

Original Song "How Long Will They Wait?" performed by Craig Gorton. Accompanied by Mr. McCluskey. This is a scratch video performance track for future lip sync visual options.


Love At Work Musical Promo

Promo produced by Todd Gessele at Totally INSPIRED Media INC.


Quartet Music

Music performed in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Evangelistic Series Highlights from Nov. 2004 produced by Todd Gessele


Reinette Boshoff's first American Operaic Concert

South African "Pure Voice" singer performed on the 33rd floor of the Koin Tower in Portland, Oregon residence. Totally INSPIRED Media INC was invited to record it.


Youth Choir Jam

40th Regional Convocation Youth Room Special Music Jam 2016


Elise LeBlanc

28th Annual Oregon Christian Women's Retreat 2014-Sunday AM-Elise LeBlanc Sings 14. Live Streamed from Eagle Crest Resort by Totally INSPIRED Media. All music and graphics provided and vetted for copyright usage by the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists per contract. All Rights Reserved 2014.



Edited & corrected levels on this Perfect Voice Recital


"I Did It Again Today"

An original written and played by Craig Gorton. Bass accompaniment by Harvey McClusky. Recorded in Todd Gessele's living room in Oregon City.


More Opera

Edited & corrected levels on this Perfect Voice Recital


Sacred & Musical Numbers

Edited & corrected levels on this Perfect Voice Recital


Voices Divine

Edited & corrected levels on this Perfect Voice Recital


Spanish Melody & Contemporary

Edited & corrected levels on this Perfect Voice Recital

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