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School Bus

School Promo Videos

Todd Gessele started his video production career as a junior in high school, when he offered to make a 10 minute school promo video for Milo Adventist Academy for $2,000. That video brought in 36 students. Todd loves promoting Christian education around the world . See the original S-VHS video Gessele produced here.  And 30 years later, Gessele produced another video for Milo Adventist Academy.


Milo Adventist Academy 2021


Dakota Adventist Academy

My father graduated from Sheyenne River Academy, the forerunner of Dakota Adventist Academy. 


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Filmed many schools in the Texico Conference...


Abilene Jr Academy

Documented the teaching techniques of two amazing teachers.


Used Puppets to Recruit!

I engage the kids whenever I can to invite new students to attend! The results speak for themselves.


El Paso Jr Academy

Students speak about their experiences with God.


Sandia View Christian School

Our new construction all paid off, so we have more money to spend on your kids!


Mamawi Atosketan Native School

Stars: Brayden Omeasoo-Steinhaur, Cyrus Soosay, and Tashina Green. "Jesus Loves Me" and "This Little Light of Mine" sung by Cyrus Soosay. 


Sandia View Academy Sports

Sandia View Academy, 22 Academy Drive, Corrales, NM is a Christian school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Mexico. Produced by Totally INSPIRED Media INC in Oregon. 503 348-8652


Kindergarten Stepping Stones Curriculum 

Explaining why this currciculum works and how.


Solusi University in Kenya

Tour the campus of Solusi University. Produced this in one day.


We need a Gym!

Our Alaskan Dream! Totally INSPIRED Media INC made 3 videos asking for funding for a new gym and each raised about $500,000.


Amazing Grace Academy's Gym Part 2: Thank-you

Our Alaskan Dream! Totally INSPIRED Media INC made 3 videos and each raised about $500,000.


Amazing Grace Academy's Gym Part 3. History 

The history of the first Christian School in Palmer, Alaska.


Rivergate's 100 Centennial 

Our Alaskan Dream! Totally INSPIRED Media INC made 3 videos and each raised about $500,000.


Rivergate's Expansion 

This expansion was successfully completed.


The Big Scare

God's protection at Eric B. Hare's school in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

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