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"VIDEO SHORTS" Daily for
Ministries, Non Profits & Businesses

Our ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) Service extends your reach and results across at least two (2) social media channels.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Our ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) service allows house of worship media teams, non-profits and local business’s marketing teams to further utilize their your existing long long-form content, such as sermons, interviews, podcasts, and messaging to be edited down into thirty (30) 5-55 second clips, called "VIDEO SHORTS" by our ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) service. Next we’ll upload and post the video shorts daily, to two (2) social platforms of your choice!

$899 per Month 2X Platforms

Additional Platforms $69 Each

Social media is synonymous with our daily lives, and pressure continues to mount on houses of worship, non-profits and small businesses to expand their reach and results to further using these platforms.

With the algorithms constantly changing, posting daily is a feasible strategy that consistently works! ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) helps you to hit that mark, every day by editing and posting video shorts, every week, every month.

You can now offload the tedious task of combing through your content as we’ll find your highlight reel nuggets and post them on your social media channels. You can leave this editing work to our team. This allows pastors to continue focusing on creating new content, crafting worship services and messaging and promoting events and products that touch the heart and win souls Jesus. Non-profits can focus on their mission. And small businesses can focus on selling products and services to repeat and new customers.

Our ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) service will extend your reach and results across at least two (2) social media channels.

The importance of consistent posting of relevant and meaningful content has never been higher—we all know it. Yet, it’s difficult in at the best of times to maintain this level of consistency amidst the other responsibilities and demands on your time

For less than the cost of hiring someone part-time to solely focus on this process, we can ensure your videos are achieve ONLINE VISIBILITY(™), every day, without fail. Our service allows you to hit that mark, every day, every week, every month.

We are launching this newly bundled service, just in time for the lead-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is one of the two major evangelistic pushes of the year. Expand your reach, grow your viewership and audience, spread your influence and the gospel by letting us repurpose video content you’ve already produced by presenting it in bite-sized pieces to a world that is desperately in need of hope and encouragement.

Our ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) service blends seamlessly into your current social media strategy, supplementing existing efforts by keeping your organization top of mind and as a relevant source of encouragement, thought leadership, and hope.

Expand your reach, grow your viewership and audience, spread your influence by serving the video content you are already producing to a world that is desperately in need of hope and encouragement in bite-sized pieces, with added captions and hashtags.

ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) can be further utilized to drive interest in specific conferences, seminars or events by creating specific content designed to reach your target demographic. You can even utilize ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) to link viewers to landing pages, lead capture forms, micro-sites, or even to the original longer-form content itself by purchasing DISPLAY ADS or Relationship Banners. Contact Todd Gessele for details as he can further supplement the ONLINE VISIBILITY(™) Service with social media "targeted ads". These ads can be used to boost the "VIDEO SHORTS" we post for you, a landing page or lead capture form, long long-form content. Inquire at or call Todd Gessele at 503 348-8652.



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